Well, if you’re not CPR certified, you should be – you know your stuff!

Some people run away from danger, some people run towards it. Your score indicates that you may be an EMT, First Responder, or Healthcare Professional. Congratulations on doing what few people ever do – stepping up to learn the skills needed to help people and save lives. The world’s a better place when people are prepared to help each other.

CPR Rescue BreathingYou can play a critical role in making the world a safer place by becoming a certified CPR instructor. Teaching CPR involves teaching people from all walks of life what they should do in the event if someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest. Your work can prepare people to save their husband, wife, parent, child or other loved one, as well as the people they encounter in their workplace and community.

We’re often asked what’s the most important trait a person has to have in order to become a successful CPR instructor. That’s easy to answer: it’s a sincere desire to help people learn how to save lives. If you’ve got that, with the right training and access to the best instructional materials, you can share what you’ve learned and make a real difference.

Once you’re certified to teach CPR and First Aid, you have a new career opportunity open to you. Some of our students go on to build a career teaching layperson rescue. Others teach classes as a profitable side job – there’s a great nationwide demand for Workplace CPR trainings, which can mean extra cash in your pocket. Even if you aren’t considering taking your training to the next level, you may want to take a refresher course if you’ve let your CPR certification lapse.

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