Want To Teach?

Three Reasons It Makes Sense To
Become A Certified CPR & First Aid Instructor

If you have your CPR & First Aid certification and you’re looking for a smart, flexible way to make extra money, it’s time to consider becoming a CPR & First Aid Instructor. Teaching CPR and other layperson rescue skills can earn you hundreds of dollars per class, or, if you’re working on an hourly basis, up to $35/hour depending on your location. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys a flexible schedule – lots of Lyft and Uber drivers use it as an additional income stream – and with a First Response Training International Certification, you’re qualified to teach in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and much of the rest of the world.

Who Hires Instructors?

Instructors are in high demand. Schools, Corporations, Summer Camps, Cruise Ships, Manufacturers, HOAs, Churches, Scuba and Travel Centers, & many, many more organizations are searching for CPR & First Aid instructors right now!

Extra Bonus – You’ll Be Saving Lives!

With CPR & First Aid lessons, anyone can deliver life-saving assistance to those suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Choking, Drowning, Serious Injuries, and more. When you teach someone CPR & First Aid, you’re equipping them with the knowledge and skills they can use to save lives. Your work will make the world a meaningful better place while you’re making money!

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