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First Response Training – Instructor Crossover Information

First Response Training International is a cutting-edge group of CPR, AED and first aid educators. We harness technology and proven teaching techniques to create layperson rescuers under a number of disciplines. Our philosophy is to teach individuals the skills they need to save lives and prevent emergencies.

Why teach with First Response Training?

  • Video based eLearning

  • Engaging and interesting manuals

  • Flexible teaching standards

  • Easy-to-use website for members

  • Simple registration process

  • Cost effective and competitive pricing


Fill out this form to get started with your upgrade or crossover and start teaching First Response Training.  Our initial course is at DEMA or we can connect you with an Instructor Trainer in your area.

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Out with the old, in with the new

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Are you an SDI CPROX, CPR1st and CPROX1stAED Instructor?

Scuba Diving International’s (SDI) CPR/first aid programs are being replaced by the First Response Training International suite of materials and certifications. Instructors currently teaching the CPROX courses can continue to do so until the rating is disabled. The date of CPROX’s deactivation will be communicated via members news and renewal notices. The new materials and certifications offer a totally fresh presentation and compliance for layperson rescue training. We are confident that the transition will not only bring CPROX instructors into international compliance but also be more competitive in the CPR and first aid marketplace. A specially designed upgrade path, known as the CPROX1st AED Gap.

Upcoming Gap programs for SDI CPROX1stAED

  1. DEMA 2108
    Sat, Nov 17 12:00 p.m.
    Preregistration required. Email for registration.
  2. DEMA 2108
    Thu, Nov 15 4:00pm.
    Preregistration required. Email for registration.

Don’t see a date or location that works for you? No worries. We have ITs in the field and traveling to accommodate crossovers, upgrades, and other training. Just fill out the form below to participate in our DEMA program or to be linked up with an IT in your area.

Get started here.  Crossover or Upgrade to start teaching First Response Training.

First Response Training Equivalency Chart. See how we stack up with the competition

This table shows some general equivalencies between other agencies. It does not specify requirements for specific agencies.

First Response Training International
Health & Safety Institute
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
Divers Alert Network (DAN)
Emergency First Response
Scuba Diving International (SDI)
Adult and Child Emergency Care
CPR, AED, First Aid COMBOHeartsaver First Aid CPR AEDAdult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AEDDEMPPrimary and Secondary CareCPROX1st AED
Child Emergency Care
PediatricPlusHeartsaver PediatricChild and Baby First Aid/CPR/AEDN/AN/ACPROX1st AED
Workplace CPR/AEDCPR/AEDHeartsaver CPR AEDAdult and Pediatric CPR/AEDCPR/AEDPrimary CareCPROX1st AED
Bloodborne PathogensBloodborne PathogensHeartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens
Oxygen AdministrationEmergency OxygenN/AN/AO2 AdministratorPADI O2 AdministratorCPROX1st AED

First Response Training International accepts instructor crossovers from a number of equivalent agencies.

All crossovers require:

  • Completion of the provider level Learning program.
  • Proof of current status instructor ratings

Certain agencies or experience levels may require:

  • Practical exercise session
  • Familiarization webinar

Crossover requirements vary by training agency and experience. We created this handy equivalency chart above.  Please contact us for any additional information regarding your specific crossover requirements.

Get started here.  Crossover or Upgrade to start teaching First Response Training.

If you aren’t an instructor with a recognized agency or have let your instructor qualification lapse, you can still teach with First Response Training International by completing our Instructor Course. Contact us with the form below for more information and to locate an Instructor Trainer near you or attend our course at DEMA 2018!

Or call us at 1+888-778-9073