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The Internet’s Favorite Masks Based on Comfort and Fit

By: Brittany Bozik

It’s definitely a sign of the times that we’re even writing this article… However, masks are a necessary part of our lives these days. With the one-year anniversary of “flatten the curve” quickly approaching, we wanted to create a resource where folks could come to learn about various types of masks. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is certainly extensive enough to find a good quality mask. This article was crowdsourced via a Facebook Group of parents who have used and ultimately came to love these companies.

Please note: First Response Training has not researched any of these masks extensively. You should still look to the CDC and WHO for guidelines and efficacy tests.

  1. Vida

Nine different types of mask collections in varying sizes from kids to adult XL. Vida makes masks KN95 approved for medical use, organic cotton masks, and even sustainable 3-ply masks. The really cool part about their sustainable 3-ply masks is that they send you a return label with the masks so you can return the used mask for recycling. This helps ensure that they don’t end up in landfills or in the oceans.

  1. Threads

Specializing in “citizen grade” masks in two different styles, Standard and X-Static masks. The Standard mask is no-frills, high-quality, cost-effective, and comfortable. They come in a two-pack and are machine washable. They’re antibacterial, water-repellant, and have a pocket where you can insert a filter for extra protection. Their X-Static masks are triple-layered and made with X-STATIC® silver yarn. Used by US Special Forces and NASA astronauts, X-STATIC® yarn is 99.9% pure silver, making it one of the most effective antimicrobials and antiviral materials for use in textiles.

  1. Bloch

Bloch is a dancewear company, now using its technical expertise to solve today’s new world problem of COVID-19. These masks come in adult and children’s sizes and three different styles: lanyard, plain, and printed. All of their masks are dual-layered, antimicrobial, and environmentally-friendly. They have 25% higher UV protection compared to normal fabric, include adjustable ear loops and feature a water-repellant exterior fabric.

  1. Baggu

Baggu, as the name suggests was originally a bag company who like others, moved to masks in 2020. These masks are made of 100% organic quilters cotton. They use this type of cotton because of its thick weave and thread are effective for blocking respiratory droplets while still being breathable and comfortable to wear. These masks feature flaps on the top and bottom of the nose and chin for a more snug fit. People who wear glasses said they find the shape of these work best to mitigate fog and give a tight fit. Finally, these masks come in tie and earloop styles for peak comfort.

  1. Underarmour, Sportsmask

Looking for the perfect mask for exercising and training? This is the one for you. This mask is specially designed to be worn all day and while playing sports. It’s structured to sit up off the face and lips for more comfort and breathability. It’s anti-microbial on the inside to keep things fresh and has a polyurethane open-cell foam to let air through while making it hard for moisture to pass through. And, this mask is the only one we’ve seen that has built-in UPF 50+ sun protection.

  1. Starks vacuum masks

Vacuums and face masks might not be your average pairing, but these masks are heavy-duty. They feature 3 layers: a water-resistant layer, a 0.3-micron polypropylene filter, and a moisture-wicking layer. They also have a nose guard to help prevent glasses from fogging. These come in two sizes to fit the whole family. We heard that you should hand wash these before wearing them as they have a plastic smell when they first arrive. We were told they are easy to breathe in, comfortable, and are snug and thick while being breathable, even in the summer.

  1. Smartwool

A sock company that believes that time outside is valuable, restorative, and essential for everyone. Like other clothing companies in 2020, Smartwool pivoted to creating masks out of responsibly-sourced Merion wool to create their Intrakint Merino Face Covering. It’s designed to feel like a custom, tailored-to-you fit. It has great sweat management and odor control. These masks come in two sizes (small/medium and large/xlarge) and while they’re a little pricey, we hear they are 100% worth it.

  1. Figs

This medical wear company was created by a nurse practitioner and fashion designer after a meeting for a coffee date where they talked about how regular scrubs are uncomfortable and boxy. Figs makes medical apparel for modern medical professionals. In April 2020, with the pandemic in full swing, Figs jumped into action and created their Fionx Protective Mask, featuring three layers of protection and bacterial filtration efficiency with a PM2.5 activated filter. The best part – it is created with the same fabric as the beloved scrubs medical professionals know and love. Now, Figs is offering high-quality face shields created by eyewear specialists in California, with ergonomically designed glasses frames for comfort.

  1. Caraa Sport

Four styles and five sizes to choose from, ranging from toddler, junior, kids, adult, and large. Launched in 2020, Caraa Cares is an initiative created to help flatten the curve by making non-medical grade masks, then matching each sale with a donation. In 2020, they donated 100,000+ masks. They have a great infographic at the bottom of their mask page comparing their four types of masks.

  1. Crayola Maskpack

Spoiler alert, you should own more than one mask. Especially if mask-wearing is a part of your daily routine. This mask company was created by a “mask force” of former educators, parents, and designers who came together to create an all-inclusive solution for school. This convenient bundle of masks comes in a set of five, so you’re prepared with a new mask for every day of the work/school week. These maskpacks come in three different sizes for kids, teens, and adults, including an XXL size. They also come with a small laundry bag you or your child can keep in a backpack or workbag to collect for washing at the end of the week.

  1. MngrmCreateWorkshop

This Esty shop has three different varieties of masks to choose from, including their 100% cotton 4-layer masks, a flip up anti-fog face shield with cotton headband, and a lip reading anti-fog transparent clear window mask. This shop makes masks in four sizes, so that you can ensure you’re getting the best fit. They are especially great for kids masks because they make two different kid’s sizes, one for kids aged 3-7 and one for kids who are 8-12 years old. They come with a velcro strap (an “ear saver”) that some have said aren’t necessary for their MngrmCreateWorkshop masks, but instead use for other masks that aren’t as well fitted or have thin elastic that rubs the ears.

  1. Moji Mask

Based in Canada, this Moji Mask believes in supporting local Canadian businesses to help keep small businesses operating during the pandemic. These masks are reliably made. The quality materials from locally sourced vendors ensures they will last for years to come. Moji Masks sells mask extenders/ear savers, matching mask/hat sets, mask covers for those who are looking to double mask per CDC recs, tie back, over the ear, and one of their coolest masks, the “Celine” mask scarf.

  1. Joah Love

With four different styles and four sizing categories, Joah Love has something for everyone. However, their Infinity Straps are by far their coolest and most genius masks. The ear loops go through a smaller loop to create a necklace for when you don’t need your mask. The best part about this mask maker is that for every mask sold, they donate one to an essential worker. The owner of this company is from Korea, where it’s common to wear a mask if you even just have a cold to protect other people from your germs.

  1. The Graf Lantz

The cool part about this mask maker is that they have a super handy guide on how to care for your mask, how to use a filter, how to figure out which mask is right for you, how to reduce gapping, and most importantly, how to reduce eyewear fog. While crowdsourcing this article, the contributors mentioned that the Zenbu mask was a favorite because it has a better fit and stronger nose wire than the Anshin mask. While these masks are pricey at $22 each, we’ve heard great things.

  1. The Graf Lantz

The cool part about this mask maker is that they have a super handy guide on how to care for your mask, how to use a filter, how to figure out which mask is right for you, how to reduce gapping, and most importantly, how to reduce eyewear fog. While crowdsourcing this article, the contributors mentioned that the Zenbu mask was a favorite because it has a better fit and stronger nose wire than the Anshin mask. While these masks are pricey at $22 each, we’ve heard great things.

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