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Providing First Aid in an Outdoor Environment

Would you know what to do if there was a first aid emergency somewhere that help wouldn’t be able to get to you easily? First aid is meant to temporarily bridge the gap between emergency and medical help. That is a much easier situation when you’re in a location that is easy to access.

Best of the First Response Training Blog 2019

It’s been just over a year since First Response Training launched and it’s been such a good first year. We’ve published a lot of blogs in the last year here at International Training, many of which were First Response Training focused. Click through to see the top 5 most read of 2019.

The Great CPR Song List

Tired of the same old stale CPR songs? Need something new to practice getting those beats per minute in? Then we have a playlist for you. We’ve compiled a playlist of over 50 songs ranging from rap to showtunes for you to practice CPR to.

How Long Does It Take?

Do you know how long it takes for first responders to arrive at the scene of a medical event or accident? While they arrive as fast as possible, sometimes the situation is serious enough that the victim needs attention right away. This is where YOU come in.


The times we are living have turned our daily lives upsidedown. Everything has changed in an instant and we’re all relearning how to live in these unprecedented times. In these times, CPR is no different, while helping others is the goal we need to keep ourselves safe as well. Learn more about what precautions to take should you need to perform CPR during COVID19 times.