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Certify your staff, team and family


Do you want to become an Instructor?

Here are 8 reasons why you should teach with First Response Training?

  • eLearning system with integrated test and assessments help the instructor focus on the practical in-person class

  • The eLearning also utilizes video to help the student visualize and prepare for the in-person training session

  • Easy-to-use website

  • Simple student registration process

  • Real people, real support, real customer service

  • Cost effective and competitive pricing

  • Curriculum up to current international standards

  • OSHA & ILCOR compliant standards and materials

How do you feel about First Response Training International?

As a new retiree, I found myself with some spare time to take on a meaningful project. When I heard about First Response Training International’s Instructor Program, I thought “why not me?”. Teaching CPR/AED and First Aid seems like a worthy endeavor and perhaps I can help someone save a life someday. The Instructor Trainer, Brian Shreve, is a true professional. It is evident from his approach that Brian has had many years of teaching experience. It is awesome to find someone who is willing to share his experiences and pass along hints on how to be successful.

For my Basic CPR/AED and First Aid course, I chose the Blended Learning Program. The online presentations were interesting and easy to comprehend, and I was able to review the materials as many times as needed. With the ease of the First Response Training International program, there is no excuse why EVERYONE shouldn’t be certified as CPR/AED and First Aid Providers. I’m thrilled to be a part of the First Response Training International family and look forward to taking more courses with these talented and professional folks.

My name is Dawn Goyette and I have been a licensed nurse for over 12 years and ICU nurse for the last 7 years. Being a nurse you have to keep up on your ongoing education and training. We have to be able to perform CPR and ACLS on a regular basis to save lives in a hospital setting. But what happens when you are in your home or out in public and someone needs your help? Learning and knowing CPR and additional training techniques could save a loved one or even a stranger’s life. Becoming a CPR instructor was very important to me. I wanted to be able to teach these life saving techniques to others in my line of work.

After being highly recommended I called First Response Training International. I was able to take the First Response instructor class with instructor John Bentley. The class was amazing! I learned so much and worked hard with the course materials provided. Not only did John do a great job updating us on our skills but when it comes to teaching us, he payed special attention on how to teach others these life-saving skills, John and his team taught us everything we needed to be successful and their support over the phone and in-person is over the top. I would highly recommend First Response Training for all your learning needs.

I approached First Response Training International because, as a NRA Training Counselor, I need the ability to handle minor emergencies while instructing my students. On any given day, I may work with trainees ranging anywhere from 8 years of age to senior citizens. First Response was ready to help. The company renewed my credentials by providing me with CPR/AED and First Aid Training. I now feel confident that I can meet the challenge if an emergency arises, whether at work or at play.

As if that wasn’t enough, First Response Training International was able to certify me as an Instructor in those disciplines as well! My Instructor Trainer, Brian Shreve, gave me the tools I needed to present materials to my own students concisely while keeping their interest. I came away with some great new ideas and methods from someone who already knows what works…

One thing I liked was the Blended Learning option. I was able to take the academic portion of the class online at my own pace. Once I finished that, I simply found an instructor to complete my practical portion in person. This type of program fit my busy schedule much better than finding time to sit in a classroom. I found the experience seamless and FUN. I would recommend First Response Training International to anyone who wants to renew or become certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. Their courses are perfect for both the layperson or for folks who require certification for their jobs.

I have been a licensed practical nurse for over 30 years with a primary focus on in-home healthcare and assisted living facilities. After being referred by a friend, I went to First Response Training International for instructor training to become a CPR instructor. The course was very educational, learning a lot more during my time there then I have in other previous courses. With the instructorship of John and his team, I feel I am ready to instruct others out there to be educated in the proper CPR technique and training materials. I would recommend First Response Training International and this specific program to everyone that is looking on instructing and taking their training to a whole new level.

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